Sold Out Audience in Australia

24 Mar

Opening Day always seems to cause a buzz in the sports world year by year. This time things have changed up a bit, fans were even more excited about this year’s opening day, due to the unusual choice of setting where the first game took place between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Australia is not at all known for the game of baseball, but for Opening Day, the game which was held at Sydney Cricket Ground in Sydney Australia was completely sold out. Before the game the field was covered with a tarp because of the chance of a heavy rain, the baseball God’s were good to us baseball fans and cleared the sky just in time for the start of the pre game first pitch thrown by the Australian of the year Adam Goodes. Baseball is a huge part of American culture, and bringing the game all the way to Australia makes the local dwellers want the sport to be a apart of their culture as well. MLB commissioner and baseball fans here in the U.S. would love to see the game on every corner of the world. It is just a matter of pulling it all together. Can you imagine eating hot dogs, singing “Sweet Caroline”, and watching America’s pastime on the other side of the planet?



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