The Rick Barnes Curse

24 Mar

As a University of Texas student and future Alumni, I’ve always been able to pride myself on UT’s dominance, both academically and in the sports arena. So can somebody please tell me why we employ a head basketball coach who has never won an NCAA National Championship in basketball? We were able to recruit quite possibly the best collegiate player to have played college basketball in the past 20 years. The results after the dust faded after March Madness? A loss after the second round.


One of the best ways to tell the coaching ability of an individual is to pay attention to how well their team performs coming out of a timeout. If one watches the UT basketball team under this lens, one will consistently notice the lack of execution and dedication that is present on almost every out-of-bounds play. Another element one can use to determine the quality of a new coach is the team’s performance in late-game situations. Once again, if one trains a studious eye on the UT team on such occasions, one will notice the chaos and an ability to run a single successful play under such stressful conditions the majority of the time.


All in all, it befuddles me as to why we go out and pay $6 million dollars a year to recruit a solid football coach when it is quite clear that our basketball coach’s only prominent attribute is his clear ineptitude in running a basketball organization.



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