Why They Call It March Madness

24 Mar

They call it March Madness instead of March mayhem, or March mania for a simple reason. Out of the 60-something or what may now be 70-something teams in the tournament, only one will be crowned champion. The fans of the rest of the teams will be utterly devastated seeing their team get ousted, no matter how early or how deep in the tournament, it all hurts the same. Not to mention the fact that no one, NCAA included, understands how the seeding of teams is done, which would explain why Baylor had a better seed than Texas. Not only do most fans have to endure these frustrations , but somewhere along the way some genius decided to create brackets for groups of fans to fill out with their terrible picks of who will win each game. Now most fans will have to face the ridicule of all their friends laughing at their bracket that will more than likely have more wrong picks than right ones. On the other hand, Quicken Loans and Warren Buffet have gained a great amount of publicity from their Billion Dollar Bracket promotion, which would have paid anyone of the first 15 million fans to sign up, with a perfect bracket, nearly that amount of a billion dollars. By the second day of the tournament, (my dreams of being a billionaire now long gone) no perfect brackets remained, and a ton of publicity had been gained. Twitter is having a tremendous impact on ratings I’m sure. Since the start of the tournament, “March Madness” and many of the individual schools/teams and even players were trending, gaining a huge amount of publicity and attention for the NCAA and the tournament itself, which I’m sure has helped increase ratings, especially at the end of these games that have been so excruciatingly close. Although you will face many disappointments and upsets in the tournament, the suspense and unpredictability is what it’s all about. That is why we will watch every year with foolish hope, and that is why they call it March Madness.


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