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MLB implements Twitter to promote upcoming season

24 Mar

Opening Day for Major League Baseball is still over a week away, but the league has been trying to get fans excited for what’s to come in 2014. One of the main focuses of the MLB’s campaign to promote the game comes via Twitter. The league’s account, @MLB, has been trying to hype its return through the usage of retweets, hashtags and pictures. One of the most popular methods the MLB uses to interact with followers is the use of retweets of official team accounts, players, analysts and even fans to promote the game. These tweets allow the MLB account to spread news and information about the league to their followers without having to come up with original material. Using retweets also allows for the promotion of other accounts that tweet about baseball. MLB has over 3.49 million followers, and the retweets allow its followers to hear more about the sport. Hashtag use allows for fans to follow certain topics that are being talked about on Twitter. For example, MLB just used the #OpeningSeries hashtag in its tweets about the opening games in Australia. Also, the account has used #SpringTraining to bring fans together with content about preseason baseball. The use of hashtags lets readers filter their timeline so they can see what they want to see. Various tweets include pictures of players that are used so readers can get closer to the game than ever before. One of the main purposes of the account is to entertain followers, and these pictures help keep fans coming back. The MLB Twitter account has to do a lot to impress its nearly three and a half million followers, but the social media staff does a great job keeping followers both informed and entertained.


The MLB retweets various accounts to entertain followers

The MLB retweets various accounts to entertain followers