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March Madness: Are the women left out?

24 Mar

Every March we find ourselves glued to our TVs in our homes or at local sports bars. We all watch in anticipation to see which number one seed will be knocked out and who the next Cinderella team of the tournament will be. For all you huge basketball fans, this is the time of the year you have been waiting for and you live to see those great storied moments. When you’re flipping through the number of games though, who are you more likely to watch? Does anyone recall what women’s game was on during the Wichita State versus Kentucky game? I played girls basketball and I am ashamed to say that I may have tuned in for a total of ten minutes during the lady longhorn game. Why you ask? Because the men’s tournament was broadcasted on three different stations and the entire first round of the women’s tournament was crammed onto one ESPN station. It’s not a secret that the men’s tournament is more popular that the women’s.  When looking on twitter yesterday during the games I found that I wasn’t the only one who noticed the lack of air time for the women’s games. If collegiate women’s basketball wants to gain popularity and viewership, why not play the tournament at a different time than the men? If the NCAA would start the women’s tournament a week earlier than the men’s tournament, they would see game attendance and viewership increase. Advertising for the women’s tournament could potentially increase because the competition for viewership wouldn’t be as stiff. I think if the NCAA and colleges enhanced their social media presence it would highly benefit the women’s game. The NCAA, traditional media and social media need to step up and help these ladies out. There’s great basketball to be seen.


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