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Social March Madness 2014

24 Mar

Almost a week into the 2014 NCAA Tournament and its impact across various social media platforms has become more than relevant. Hashtags, photos, updates, and etc. have taken over news feeds and timelines, forcing users to be a part of the madness, pun intended.


With being one of the most monumental events in college basketball, fans have turned every game, even every relatable event to the tournament, a trending topic on almost every social media site there is. This being the case, viewers have been able to get the very latest on everything surrounded the tournament without even having to watch any of it on actual television. All of this buzz about March Madness however doesn’t come from just the fans, but also brands who are trying to exploit the tournament for their own benefits through the use of advertising, communications, and marketing. So even though March Madness is technically a basketball tournament, social media has turned it into so much more than that.