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Hawks Eat Snakes – Pachulia gets the better of Twitter and Bryant

29 Apr

Much has been made about Kobe Bryant tweeting during the playoffs, but little do people know, he was just copying someone else. In fact, Zaza Pachulia took it much further than that – he took over the Atlanta Hawks Twitter account @ATLHawks. The Hawks announced two days before the playoffs that injured star Pachulia would be tweeting from their account, while Bryant announced he would be tweeting from his own account the day after that.

While the debate of whether Bryant’s tweets (many of the critical of the team) are distracting will go on, Pachulia’s actions weren’t as controversial. This is probably because he isn’t in the limelight of Bryant’s fame or LA’s notoriety. Though he did offer critique like Bryant, he wasn’t scrutinized. Everything seemed to work out as planned.

Pachulia offered good insight to the Hawks and their followers. He also answered questions and retweeted fans. This allowed for fans to relate to him as a player. Their goal to be interactive during the game paid off. Pachulia used the opportunity to market himself and gain followers from the Hawks fan-base and the team used his celebrity to drive their social media engagement and get new followers from the creation of the unique content.

Black mambas look pretty cool, but their venom and aggressive nature make people keep their eyes on it while being offended of it. Hawks just go about their business and while they are aggressive and eat snakes like that, they’re no threat to us and they still look cool.