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Why They Call It March Madness

24 Mar

They call it March Madness instead of March mayhem, or March mania for a simple reason. Out of the 60-something or what may now be 70-something teams in the tournament, only one will be crowned champion. The fans of the rest of the teams will be utterly devastated seeing their team get ousted, no matter how early or how deep in the tournament, it all hurts the same. Not to mention the fact that no one, NCAA included, understands how the seeding of teams is done, which would explain why Baylor had a better seed than Texas. Not only do most fans have to endure these frustrations , but somewhere along the way some genius decided to create brackets for groups of fans to fill out with their terrible picks of who will win each game. Now most fans will have to face the ridicule of all their friends laughing at their bracket that will more than likely have more wrong picks than right ones. On the other hand, Quicken Loans and Warren Buffet have gained a great amount of publicity from their Billion Dollar Bracket promotion, which would have paid anyone of the first 15 million fans to sign up, with a perfect bracket, nearly that amount of a billion dollars. By the second day of the tournament, (my dreams of being a billionaire now long gone) no perfect brackets remained, and a ton of publicity had been gained. Twitter is having a tremendous impact on ratings I’m sure. Since the start of the tournament, “March Madness” and many of the individual schools/teams and even players were trending, gaining a huge amount of publicity and attention for the NCAA and the tournament itself, which I’m sure has helped increase ratings, especially at the end of these games that have been so excruciatingly close. Although you will face many disappointments and upsets in the tournament, the suspense and unpredictability is what it’s all about. That is why we will watch every year with foolish hope, and that is why they call it March Madness.


North Carolina Tar Heels win on Social Media #SocialMadness

24 Mar

On Sunday North Carolina fell short to third-seeded Iowa State at the NCAA tournament entered the men’s NCAA tournament. With the game tied in the final 10 seconds, Iowa State’s DeAndre Kane drove the ball to seal the win. (85-83 Cyclones). North Carolina entered the tournament seeded number 6 however, the Tar Heels leads the entire college basketball league with their social media following. The Tar Heels have over 1 million supporters on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram combined. Below you can take a look at the amount of followers North Carolina has by individual platform. Duke, a long standing basketball powerhouse trails the Tar Heels on Facebook and Twitter.

Screen shot 2014-03-24 at 10.40.45 AM

Now, that we know the Tar Heels lead social media. Let’s take a look at what content they are posting. In this tweet below the Tar Heels created a gallery from the last game of the season (losing to Iowa State).

Screen shot 2014-03-24 at 10.47.22 AM

This provides a treat for the 1 million+ followers, because it sends the message “Hey we lost but lets celebrate our run!” That is the engagement the Tar Heels have mastered, no matter win or lose they will provide some exciting content for their fans and that’s what keeps they following! Go Tar Heels ! ! !

King Sized Sponsorship

24 Mar

One of the benefits of being a NCAA partner is the right to use tournament highlights, college basketball players and coaches in cameos, and other March Madness content.  Numerous ads from Burger King, Coca-Cola, Capital One, Dove Men+Care, Enterprise, Infiniti, Kraft, Lowe’s, Unilever and UPS will air throughout the NCAA Tournament.  There was a high price tag for this year’s NCAA men’s basketball tournament, but that did not halt the advertising sponsorships for the television coverage on CBS, TBS, TNT and TruTV or the March Madness Live mobile app.  They sold out their online and mobile sponsorships a week before the actual event began.  For their television coverage, a 30-second ad will cost a sponsor between $750,000 and $800,000 during the Final Four and between $1.3 million to $1.4 million for the national championship on April 7.

                Burger King is the leader in the doghouse in terms of commercial coverage and the integrated March Madness marketing scheme.  It is one of the newest links for the NCAA, but they put all their marbles in one bag.  They signed a three-year deal in October to be the official quick-service restaurant and made a bold move using Chris Webber in an endorsement deal.  15- and 30-second ads with the Michigan basketball great and Turner Sports analyst will be released throughout the tournament up to the Final Four.  Their social media presence allows word to get out about the prizes available if you use the #WatchLikeAKing hashtag on Twitter.  Over 500 users will win prizes like $100 gift cards, flat-screen TVs and Final Four trips to Dallas.

The 30-second Burger King ad with Chris Webber:

KFC goes after #MarchSadness

24 Mar

Who didn’t get a little depressed after watching the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament this past weekend?

In the first weekend of March Madness there were 13 upsets, 14 games decided by five points or fewer, and five games that were sent to overtime.

So much for winning $1 billion from Warren Buffet.

Face it. You were a little like this poor fella, right?








Most people didn’t get the air time to display their despair, but thousands took to Twitter to vent using the hashtag #MarchSadness, a topic that eventually hit “Trending” popularity.

There are few things more impulsive than a frustrated fan and Kentucky Fried Chicken attacked the opportunity with a clever ad campaign with their Twitter account:





They even put into perspective how much you lost.




Really got you thinking about all that food, huh?

KFC used the hashtag over 50 times during the course of the weekend, interacting with people in the same consoling fashion.

They owned the hashtag, using fried chicken’s status as one of America’s top comfort foods as the cure to a nation-wide disheartening.

Kind of something you thought ice cream should have played a role in…

Here’s what Marble Slab did instead:






As the Madness heads to the Sweet 16 Friday, other ad campaigns will have to get creative to catch up with KFC.

Already a weekend behind, they will have to find a new trending hashtag.

KFC owns this one.

March has gone Mad by a Billion

23 Mar

College basketball March Madness, the hype of March at the beginning of the month. Fans awaiting for their team to get that entry bid into the NCAA bracket and anxious to fill out that bracket to win big prizes. Prizes as big as  a BILLION dollars offered by Warren Buffett.

March Madness marks the peak of college basketball season. 

The 5 month long fight for  teams for the 32 automatic berths and the other 36 at-large bids all falls down to that one Sunday; March 16, otherwise known as selection Sunday for college basketball to reveal the field of 68.

Expanding the coverage has grown immensely. Media coverage has grown to four television networks (CBS, TNT, TBS, and truTV) and numerous radio and online channels, such as, cbssports.com, ncaa.com, espn.com and si.com – enabling fans to watch the games and interact with each other on their mobile devices. Most importantly, the NCAA created March Madness Live, an online HDTV channel that has created a lot of attention and traffic to the tournament. In 2013, MML had 45 million video streams- a 158% increase over 2012

With the billion dollars at stake for perfect brackets, it had created more viewership and streaming for the tournament to keep up with the games.





Bracketology: It’s Social Media Madness

21 Mar

If there are three things America loves, they’re sports, social media, and bragging rights.This is exactly why March Madness is dominating the social media scene this year. People are obsessed with tweeting, especially about sports. The fast-paced, timely medium allows for play-by-play updates and, even better, bracket updates. If people didn’t already love bragging about their favorite teams enough, now they can brag about their own basketball successes. Bracketology reaches everyone, from die-hard basketball fans to the President of the United States to the girl who chooses a team simply for their best looking player. Anyone can make a bracket. And when they do, they will tweet about it.

Here’s a glimpse at what’s happening with Bracketology, March Madness, and social media:

  • Between Selection Sunday and the start of the tournament, over 135,000 tweets included #MarchMadness.
  • NCAA March Madness (@marchmadness) has reached 194,000 followers.
  • ESPN uses Twitter to further Bracketology obsession and is captivating fans with bracket updates.




  • 7.7 million social media comments about March Madness are made during telecasts.
  • Hootsuite anticipates Creighton University (@BluejayMBB) will be the National Champion of social success in the Twitter realm.
  • University of Texas students take advantage of their buzzer beater win over Arizona State University by turning a picture of the devastated team into an internet meme.

Image                How I felt after finding out my odds of creating a perfect bracket were 1 in 10 pentillion… Is that even a real number?