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Texas Strong – with the support of their sports teams

29 Apr

The tragedy of the Boston Marathon bombing’s has surely taken over the country and it has also been a huge story in sports. Players, coaches, teams and the media have tweeted about it and showed their support for the victims and citizens of Boston. It is also the cover of Sports Illustrated for the second straight week. However, just two days later, the horrific explosion at Fertilizer company in West, Texas didn’t get nearly as much coverage. No matter, Texans can help themselves and our sports teams have showed up using all of their resources including social media.

The Dallas Cowboys – the Gene and Jerry Jones Family Charities – have made a $100,000 donation to the Salvation Army to assist in the disaster relief effort in West. However, they didn’t stop there. They are using their popularity to collect donations from fans during their NFL Draft Party at Cowboys Stadium. Similarly, the Houston Texans have donated $25,000 through the proceeds of an auction.

The Dallas Mavericks have used their fandom in the same sense, promoting a Blood drive by their stadium. They also got local radio hosts to come in order to push people to come and have advertised this campaign on their Facebook page. They have used their immense following in the area and nationally to create awareness in their effort to help. The Houston Rockets allowed fans to take pictures during a Playoff viewing party with the Championship trophies if they donated.Image

The Texas Rangers, with the season underway, have used the traffic of the fans going to the games on a daily basis to set up relief initiatives. They collected $40,000, 100 blood donations and hundreds of home essentials from fans. They called for fans to come to donate through all of their social media outlets, especially Twitter and Facebook, where they got thousands of likes and shares. The Houston Astros organized something similar.


Spending Cash = Winning?

24 Apr

In “Does Money Buy Championships?,” an online article by Scott Kaufman, payroll gap by sport and champion diversity by sport are analyzed, along with a deeper look into baseball’s spending payoff.

Spending Payoff

It’s long been known that payroll inequalities exist, however is the extra cash flow actually necessary? When looking at champion diversity, I’d venture to say ‘yes’ in some sports and ‘no’ in others. When looking at baseball in particular, I’d venture to say sometimes. In recent years the top ten spending teams have made it into the playoffs 30-50% of the time… and that doesn’t necessarily guarantee they make it far. Known for a massive payroll, the Yankees have made it to the playoffs almost every year for the past ten years. However, looking at postseason results they have only made it past the ALDS five of those ten years. Referring to current times, I’ll address my Texas Rangers’ latest opponent: the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Going into this season, the Angels were commonly referred to as the “new” Yankees, having reached almost $140M for this year’s payroll. Unfortunately for Los Angeles, thus far their record hasn’t reflected this spending, sitting at 8-11. So what do you think? Is LA just heating up and this spending will eventually pay off or do you think the club has been handing out undeserved cash?